Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Week Later!!!

Exactly a week ago I learned my fate. Yes my dear you have Breast Cancer. What does that mean? Well i don't fucking freaking know. All i know is it's days filled with anger, tears, pain and needles. I have never seen so many doctors in all my life. Who would have known a trip to the tanning salon would turn out so damn darn scary and life changing? I have only known for 7 days that I have (what I tell my little girl) a GERM. I would never have guessed that women have to endur so much so soon. I have heard about lumps..scars...radiation...and chemotherapy...but I never really knew what any of that was. I definitely didn't know my first 2 weeks would be like this......
  Feb.17--found a lump
  Feb.22--Had the lump examined
  Feb.24--Blood Work
  Mar.3--Surgical Consult...Results are in .....
               BREAST CANCER
  Mar.4--Break the news to my children
  Mar.7--Break the news to the rest of my family
               MRI (has it spread?)
  Mar.8--Therapist Referal
  Mar.9--MRI results in (cancer on the other side)
  Mar.10--3 long hours to see if I need counseling
               (can I handle the depression???)

            OK my one final word PRAY

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